My Why….

It has taken me sometime to decide how I wanted my first blog to look. I have decided that I wanted to introduce myself, to those that don’t know me, and to explain a little bit about why I am using this blog to write my reviews.

First and foremost I am a mom. A single mom at that. My children are my world, and everything that I do is because of them and will only benefit them. As they have gotten older and decided that they don’t have to depend on me anymore, I was beginning to see that I had more and more down time that I needed to fill with something that I thought would be fun and still have some type of benefit to them individually or to us as a family. So I decided to look into product reviewing. It happens to be time consuming, yet fun at the same time.

I started to review with just one website, Tomoson. Then as time has gone on I have self taught and learned more and more and now it has become a part of normal everyday life. If you are new to reviewing, I highly recommend starting with Tomoson, they really have great tips and you are able to go at your own pace doing as little or as much as you would like to do as long as you are meeting the time frame to get the product and have your reviews in, you really have to be committed, and be able to have some sort of time management. If you don’t have that this is not something that you want to do.

When I am looking to try a new product I am always reading reviews, and checking for input from others that have used the item. So giving an honest and timely review has always been something that I am looking to do, and willing to do as well. I am not going to give a 5 start rating for a 2 star product and I will tell you exactly how it has benefited me, or even if it is worth your money.

In this blog you will find all my reviews, whether good or bad, it will be here. I only review items that I can use, my children can use, that can be used in the house or things that I can give away as gifts. Keep that in mind. If you cant use it don’t get it, even if it is free. Doing that will create a lot of clutter and make a mess lol.

I hope you find something here to be useful. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I will answer or respond to any and all comments. Most of all have fun and enjoy. Happy reading.



Lavender Soap Bar with Organic Shea Butter

I am a lover of anything lavender, soap included; because of this I found this campaign to be a perfect fit.

When I received this package I was able to smell the soap through the envelope, I was so excited to open it and use it. That is exactly what I did. My shower that evening had y bedroom smelling like lavender. The soap is a beautiful purple and cream colored marble. Its beautiful.

This soap contains all natural ingredients, butters and oils. Honestly, I believe it to be one of the top natural soaps that I have ever used. The lather is just that, a nice creamy lather. You can use it in a washcloth or even on a loofah, regardless of the way it leaves your skin feeling so clean and smelling fantastic.

As we all know not every product is perfect, and this goes along with that as well. Im not sure if I over used the this soap or what I did, but all while I loved smelling great, I couldnt stand the fact that my skin was so dry and I felt like I needed a gallon of lotion for more moisture.

Will I purchase this again?? Definitely!!! Do I recommend this to anyone else?? You betcha. I really hope anyone who is interested in or really likes lavender or even likes homemade soap to five this a try I promise you wont be disappointed and will hopefully love it as much as I do. You can look at, get more info and oven order one for everyone in your family at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U9IQE8K

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for a timely and honest review.

Women’s Nubuck Leather Patchwork Handbag

I am a sucker for purses and handbags, and I really thought that this was one that I was going to be able to use either for a night out on the town or for everyday use. I can honestly say that I am not impressed and I will not use this bag for myself.

Shipping for this bag took 21 days from the day the order was placed until the day that I received it. I was so excited to have a new bag to use, especially because fall is almost here and I love a dark purse for this time of year. I quickly opened the envelope that it came in to find a large dryer sheet like material with my new purse inside. I took out the contents to find a cheaply made “leather” bag that had been folded. I continued to hope for the best.

The plus side is this bag is the perfect size. You can hold everything that you need plus some extras if needed. The pockets inside are great for a couple tubes of lipsticks and maybe your cell phone. You have to be careful what you place on the inside because the material is very cheap and thin. It feels like tissue paper. There is a strap that you are able to hook to the sides, so I attached it, the bag turned upside down, and no matter what I did it wouldn’t stay upright. There is no hard or even firm bottom placing to keep the bag flat, so setting it down is near impossible. Even though there are 5 stopper like pins on the bottom to allow it to sit. They are misplaced and not even. The fold marks in the leather are still there even after keeping the bag open. This purse feels more like a rubber material with felt exterior than it does leather and fur. I had a very hard time getting this bag to zip, it would either get stuck half way across the zipper or not move when I tried to zip it at all.

If you would like to look at this product, get more information or even order one of your own visit https://mybruneistore.com/hot-fashion-bags-2017-womens-nubuck-leather-patchwork-handbag-smiley-bag-women-shoulder-bag-womens-bags

All around I am so disappointed with this product and I would not recommend this be purchased unless your 3 year old will be using it for dress up. The shipping, although free, still takes along time. The product itself is nothing like it is stated or even looks like before ordering.

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for a timely and honest review.

STAR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

I have plugged in 4 STAR Ultrasonic Pest Repeller’s and I haven’t seen a mouse or any other bug or rodent since I have placed them. These boxes are easy to place and take up no space just an outlet.

If you are looking for a more natural way to rid your home of any type of rodent or bug, I really do believe that this is the way to go. You are not using any type of chemicals, or pesticides that are sprayed indoors, outdoors or even both. It is pet and children friendly with no worries that someone will be hurt or that they will ingest something that you have sprayed to keep all these little critters away.

You are able to get more information and even order your own repellers at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072R124RV


I received this product at a discounted price for an honest and timely review.

Professional Compression Socks

Are you an athlete that plays hard and has sore muscles at the end of your games or even after a long hard practice?? Do you suffer from swollen and achy feet after working a long day?? Is it hard to walk because you have medical issues and you are retaining so much fluid that your feet cause so much pain you cant step down??

These compression socks do the job. After wearing them for a full 12 hour shift, I got home and was thankful that my feet didn’t hurt. I was still able to make dinner and complete 3 loads of laundry. I was a happy individual when I finally was able to climb into bed.

My son wears these socks when he has both basketball practice and games. They keep his muscles tight and he doesn’t come home with achy, stiff and sore legs. He has become a faithful wearer every single time he has to do anything for sports.

I have a client who suffers from diabetes. He retains a lot of fluid and it is very painful for him to walk. Recently he started to wear these socks and he is now able to walk without any complaints and less fluid buildup in his legs and feet.

As you can see I have purchased many pairs of these socks because them come in handy for 9 out of 10 people who are apart of my daily life. These lightweight, and breathable socks are easy to put on and stay in place without having to pull them up all the time. our feet don’t sweat and pool water in the bottom of your shoes, but they remain cool all day. Compression socks can be worn under pant legs so that way nobody will see that you are wearing them, even though teenagers use them as a fashion statement. No matter who you are or what you are doing I can pretty much promise that at some point or another if not now you will need to have a few of these in your dresser. They become apart of your everyday wardrobe without even thinking about it.

IMG_20170905_203314_545 (1)
You can purchase, look at and read other reviews at

I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for a honest and timely review.

OUO Cooling Towel (3 pack) Sport Towel

I have never believed in any of these products. If its not an air conditioner or a fan then it really didn’t cool you down or keep you cool in anyway. I saw these towels come up in a campaign and I thought why not, they might just prove me wrong. Well here we are a week later and I have convinced my family members as well.

This set of towels came in a pack of 3, each in their own individual package with a clip that you can easily attach to a purse, gym bag or even a backpack. Easy to access, use, wash and put back away.

cooling instructions

Once you dampen the towel, wring out the extra water and swing it a few times to get rid of the extra water you are able to place it around your neck and be ready to be cool for hours on end. I went on a hike and took a couple of these towels with me, one for both my daughter and I, we placed them in the cooler full of ice and then when needed we had them right there at arms length. The directions were followed and we stayed cool for the rest of our hike (I’m guessing right around an hour or a bit longer.)

These are perfect for any member of your family. The gym rat, the student, the mom, even the athletic children. You are able to get more information, look at the product in depth and order for your family at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073XPBDCD

I received these towels at a discounted price for a honest and timely review.

Premium Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder

I never thought that charcoal would ever clean your teeth. I have been proven wrong; this ground coconut shell and charcoal powder is amazing and even making your mouth look like a black hole while brushing your teeth, your teeth whiten at the same time.

Its simple and easy to use, all while having no flavor just a very gritty feeling. Wet your toothbrush and place it in the powder. Brush your teeth for 3-5 min using the powder, and rinse. We found that to get all the powder off your teeth and out of your mouth you have to brush your teeth with toothpaste afterwards. My daughter and I have been doing this together, we use a natural toothpaste as well.

Below are the results of my daughters teeth. She did a before, during and after, there is a big difference. You will be impressed with your own results as well.

If you are interested in seeing how well this product will work for you, you can get yours at
I would love to see your resluts as well.

Fairy Land Beauty Blenders

I opened this little package that was perfectly wrapped and in the nicest hard case. Inside there were 3 beauty blenders, 2 silicone blenders, a case to hold the silicone blender and a half egg shape beauty blender holder.

These blenders don’t hold a lot of the product, and blend evenly, when used correctly. They can be used wet or dry, and even hand washed with your favorite facial cleanser, after each use. The teardrop shape allows you to blend the large areas of your face as well as around you eyes.

I use the silicone blender to apply my foundation and primer. There is no left over residue, and no rubber that rubs off in the product that you are using. i recommend these not be used to apply a whole face, just to apply your basic beginning mat. They are best when used to cover a large area.

These little buds are the best things to have in any beauty case or beauty bag, whichever you use to carry. If you have never used one, take your time and learn, they are very self explanatory and there really is no right or wrong. You use it as you see fit. I highly recommenced this item, especially having the case it keeps them sanitary and clean without the extra mess that can come along with other beauty blenders.

You can view or order this product at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074521SF5

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and timely review.

Blemish Tool

Tired of blackheads? Using bobby pins to try and clean them up?? How about face masks that don’t work?? Epique Beauty has the perfect pore opener, blemish tool and a way to get rid of your black heads without leaving scars.

I had blackheads all through my T-Zone, I tried everything to get rid of them and to not leave red marks or scars. Epique blemish tools are perfect. the different sizes are easy to handle, a simple case to keep everything clean and neat, all while sleek and easy to put away without taking up a ton of room.

There are 5 different sticks, all with a purpose, to get rid of black heads and blemish’s the easy way. You gently push down on your skin right around the area where the blemish is and pull down. This will remove the puss and dirt that is in the pore, and not leave a red mark or scar. Not every pore needs the same tool, so you have time to play with and find the one that works for you and your needs. It may not always be the same one but you will have the choice to pick and choose to find the right one.

Epique Beauty has created the perfect black head tool that everyone needs, man or woman. It belongs in every bathroom, I promise you will use it or you will use it on a family member. Even if you don’t order, please take a look and see how this set will do nothing but benefit you. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014I3EROO

#blemishtool #blackheadtool

Pedi-Pamper Foot Peel

I have never used a foot peel before and was even a bit hesitant to do so, because I was really unsure of what to expect or what my feet would feel or look like after the 10 days was complete. I am happy that I went along and decided to try this product at home. This pedi pamper was so fast, super easy, and very comfortable. I put the booties on for 70 minutes 10 days ago and have watched my feet peel for the last 7 days. Today my feet are softer, my heels are moisturized, and the skin is no longer peeling. There is no telling if I did it at home or if I went to a salon for a pedicure.

When I first applied the booties the scent was strong, and the booties left my feet cold. After 70 minutes I removed the booties rubbed in the remaining
solution to my feet and let the solution go to work. My feet didn’t start peeling until day 3, and when I say peel, wow I never realized how much dead skin my feet had on them. Each day I soaked my feet for 10 minutes in hot water allowing some of the dead skin cell fall off on their own. By soaking in hot water you are also allowing the peeling process to be accelerated. On, day 10 my feet feel like I have been to the salon for a professional pedicure.

This foot peel is highly recommended, especially if you are doubting on whether or not you should do something like this. You wont be disappointed, I promise you this. Your feet will be baby soft as well. IF you are wondering if this baby foot peel is for you, and are unsure if you want to purchase it, please let me know and I will give you a coupon where I can offer you 20% off your own pee, that can be ordered at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015DMD4SO Im telling you it is truly the best thing that my feet have seen in such a very long time.

Dowan Ceramic Mixing Bowls

Looking for a good mixing bowl set? This is not only good, it by far surpasses that, these are fabulous!!!! This 2 bowl set is dishwasher and microwave safe, easy to clean, and takes minimal space to store. With these bowls coming in 2 sizes, you can perform so many of your kitchen duties with them. Mix a batch of brownies (I did a few), toss a fresh salad, whisk some eggs, the possibilities are endless. The bottom of these bowls are flat so there is not wobbling or wiggling when you are trying to complete simple kitchen tasks.

These bowls are lead free, and have a very nice shine that you are unable to scratch. Most of my kitchen is ceramic, because it keeps the germs away. Dowan bowls are just the same. NO absorption of liquid, or having food taste like something that you had put in the bowl before hand. The glossy finish is a great touch to this set.

This is a very heavy duty set, that can be used in both the microwave and dishwasher. Use them to store leftovers in the refrigerator or even the freezer, NO THEY WONT BREAK.

I really like that they can be stored inside one another, without leaving scratches. The off white color with a rim that is either teal or yellow is such a beautiful touch to this set. Because they can be placed inside one another they are easy to store in even the smallest of places.

Ceramic has always been my go to with kitchen wear and I am so glad that I came across and gave these bowls a chance. I will be purchasing more and expanding my collection of Dowan Ceramic Bowls and other kitchen necessities. You wont be disappointed and even if you are unhappy with them there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Give them a try you wont be mad that you did, you will be mad that you didn’t. You can purchase yours or even look at them and other options at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N3TRJRQ

I received this product through Tomoson at a discounted price, for an honest and timely review.